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Mighty Comics is a comic book shop where you can find old-school action figures, comics, tabletop rpgs. Whether you like superheroes or horror comics, we stock tons of new comics and comic book back issues so that you can collect your favorite series.

Board games and tabletop rpgs have only grown in popularity over the recent years. Along with card games, many have found these games to make great hobbies. Feel free to ask our staff anything about popular franchises like Dungeons and Dragons, or ask us about local Magic: the Gathering tournaments. We’ll be happy to help you get into these popular games.

Comic Book Shop

We do everything we can to give our customers a great experience. We know that fans of comic books like to stay up to date on what happens to their favorite characters. With comics coming out so frequently, it can be hard knowing when you should come into your locale comic shop. This is why we offer comic subscription so that you can feel safe in knowing you’ll always get the latest issue of your favorite titles.

If you're looking for tabletop games, special edition releases, and limited prints, we're the place to go. For posters, toys, and back issues, come to Mighty Comics in Winnipeg, MB today!

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